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Infraction for wullull: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.

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Posted 07 December 2012 - 06:59 PM

Post: Assassination from the Mists
User: wullull
Infraction: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.
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There's been quite a bit of discussion of this. Please search and read before posting. Thanks.

Original Post:

Hey, I'm thinking about swapping from combat to assassination as soon as I get a second dagger but I have a few concerns.

Should I always wait for 5 cb when it comes to envenom or should I go with 4 aswell?

In my opener I'm currently thinking stealth->mutilate->rupture->mutilate->snd->muti->muti->envenom, do you guys have any input on this?

Also, should I focus on having my rupture close to 100% uptime, or should I only cast it with 5 combo points?

Thanks in advance!

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