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Pet Battles: welcoming our new Crawdad overlords

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#21 Shabadu


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Posted 20 August 2013 - 12:32 PM

Lil Ragnaros is one of my pvp MVPs. If you're getting drowned in Clockwork Gnome or Warbot teams, start running Magma Wave/Trap/Sons, otherwise go Sulfuras Smash/Trap/Sons. Submerge on Sons is great for dodging stuff like Geyser and Curse of Doom.

#22 Caniki


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Posted 20 August 2013 - 01:17 PM

You should also have a S/S Rabbit in your PVP toolbox.

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#23 Fluflis


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Posted 30 August 2013 - 03:12 PM

Nice work up till now!

I just hopped in to add one info that I believe might be useful. If you're having trouble or you feel it's risky to enter a pet in the battle while doing dailies, you can go and battle the eternal striders that are located in the waters near Aki the Chosen starting with your level 1. The chances of them casting first a damaging spell is really low. Usually they cast either sleep/cleansing rains/pump charge first and in that way the pet goes easily to level 5 (level 6 with the hat).

Also since I didn't see it anywhere mentioned, when you are doing dailies the pet you want to level seems to get experience even if you don't cast a spell with it (as in start with level 25 one, swap to your pet at a point and next round swap back to level 25 without needing to cast and ability and finish the fight). I remember you had to cast 1 ability at least in order for the pet to be flagged as "participated in the fight" that's why I mention this.
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#24 Wrathblood


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Posted 03 September 2013 - 04:29 PM

Here's a really, really key point that people miss when leveling low level pets:

Yes, the low-level pet must do *something* to get credit for the fight and thus the XP. However, one of the things which "counts as doing something" is the free pet-swap you get after a pet dies. This doesn't work very well against regular wild pets because you're probably mowing them down really quickly.

However, if you're facing a trainer you don't expect to have one of your pets solo, when your first pet dies and you get a free "swap pet" to bring in the replacement, picking your low-level pet to swap in counts as a move. So swap it in, and then on its very first move swap it back out again and finish the fight with your 3rd pet. The ~4200 xp a level ~5 pet receives will jump it to level 12 or so.

#25 Ryazan


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Posted 23 September 2013 - 07:34 AM

Back in the day when I was still leveling huge amount of pets, I made this small calculator to help figuring out the optimal way to level pets:

Pet XP Calculator

Basically, the thing has two functions:

  • (Single battle) It can calculate the gained XP from a single pet battle with the given options. In the opponent type tamers are categorized into three groups as all tamers within a group yield the same XP (same multiplier):
    • Pandaria tamers are naturally all tamers in Pandaria with Spirit tamers included
    • Master tamers are basically all Cataclysm and Northrend tamers coupled with Stone Cold Trixxy and Lydia Accoste
    • Basic tamers are all the other tamers
    • Wild pets are well, wild pets and the elite pets from Beasts of Fable
  • (To max level) Calculates how many tamers are needed to beat in order to reach max level with the given pet's starting level and XP. The "Opponent type"-dropdown offers following:
    • Pandaria tamers - Tells how many Pandaria tamers is required to win for the pet to reach level 25,
    • Supply bag tamers - This is bit trickier, but basically this options tells you how many Pandaria tamers is needed cap a pet AFTER you have done all the pre-Pandaria tamers which give you a Pet Supply Bag reward. The assumed kill order is Trixxy&Lydia > Antari > Payne > Obalis. This option is meant to simulate your daily pet bag tour outside Pandaria.
    • Level 25 wild pets - Not much of real use but this options tells you how many level 25 wild pets is needed to cap your pet.
    NOTE: this section has one caveat: the calculator assumes you don't want to waste a tamer when you have reached level 24. So if level 24 is reached, calculator tells the leftover XP at level 24 so player can do few wild pets to cap the pet.

I have leveled all my pets to level 25 pre-5.4 so I've tested calculator (it uses the general XP gain formula) quite many times. :)

Some examples taken from the calculator (all with Safari Hat):
  • It takes six Pandaria tamers to level a pet from level 1 to lvl 25.
  • If using level 25 wild pets to level, it will take almost 30 battles to reach the cap.
  • However, if you level a pet to level 15 first, it will require four Pandaria tamers to reach the max level.
  • During the standard daily tour with tamers, you will need the Supply Bag Tamers and three Pandaria tamers in order to cap a pet from level 1.
  • There are 11 Pandaria tamers around (not including Lil'Tommy) so you can raise at least two pets to level 25 during your daily tour assuming the pets start from level 1.

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