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Posted 12 December 2012 - 12:58 AM

Post: Mists of Pandaria: All Specs
User: Jincoz
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Is it a loss of DPS to begin a rotation of Affliction as such? (Theoretically on a boss fight):

Cooldowns available (I'm maxed herbalism and an Orc, so Lifeblood>Dark Soul: Misery>Blood Fury), Curse of Elements, Soulburn>Soul Swap (for instant DoT application), Haunt, channel Malefic Grasp.

My concern is that Soul Swap immediately just to get DoTs on quickly might be taking away from something... what it might be, I don't know. But I've read Icy Veins and Noxxic and neither have mentioned it. Also, is it a DPS loss to use Fel Flame to keep Corruption and Unstable Affliction up? I've gotten used to not using it for Immolate in Destruction, but I'd like to begin raiding as Affliction and want to be sure I'm using the rotation properly to keep up with competitive DPS. Would appreciate any input or advice.

Azgalor (Horde)

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