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Infraction for shunuro: Multiple violations.

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 07:29 PM

Post: [MoP] Protection Warrior
User: shunuro
Infraction: Multiple violations.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Rule 1: Start your sentences with a capital letter. Always capitalize the first person pronoun "I," no matter where in a sentence you use it. End your sentences with a single period or question mark. Use a spell-check tool; most browsers include one.

Rule 6: The philosophy and intent of our forums is to discuss, learn, and teach the best way to play this game. Your post extolls methods that are explicitly and purposefully bad and lazy. Your character is only level 87, and your technique is probably just fine for tanking 5 player dungeons as you're leveling. But players who are raiding at level 90 don't want to hear it.

Original Post:

took a break in game for a bit , so if what i mention or talk about has already been mentioned please pardon my tardyness. but there has been a few changes to the warrior abilities i think need to be mentioned. close to half of the warrior abilities no longer have a universal cooldown which it great , but not quite the point . meaning for instance pummel, demoralizing shout, spell reflect, mass spell reflect, disrupting shout, disarm, sheild block and sheild wall. and our 3 primary abilities dont cost rage any more devastate, shield slam, and thunder clap. not to mention cleave and heroic strike also dont share a unversal cooldown .

with these facts i noticed that i can maximize dps , while keeping full midigation up by using macros linking affensevive abilities w/ midigation abilities at the same time . linking

#showtooltip devastate
/cast davastate
/cast demoralizing shout

may not sound like much but keeps demo shout up for 10 sec out of every 60 for zero rage and not costing you cooldawn in dps

linked shield slam w/ shield block, thunderclap w/ shield barrier, devastate w/ pummel ( on pummel key on action bar) devastate w/ shield reflect, devastate w/ mass shield reflect,

and for quick gain in tps and dps burst( glyph of incite )
#showtoottip cleave ( or heroic strike for single target)
/cast Devastate
/cast Cleave
/cast Deadly Calm

not only will you land bith shots per universal cooldown for 3 shots but cost you no rage , and if you do spam it till out of ragfe you still land devastates

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