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ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria

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Posted 04 June 2014 - 08:41 PM

??? I never touched level, lol


Never even crossed my mind that it was wrong, lol


Thanks, I knew something was WAY off

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Posted 23 June 2014 - 05:36 PM

Hi all , i'm new and i don't speak eng very well, i have some question to Shadowcraft reforge 5.4.8.

i play in assassinaton spec, and i have 4p bonus set and some heroic item , and read in several forum that best reforge is Mastery> haste = about 30% > crit

I personal prefer to play with haste>mastery>crit:

for my direct espirience in raid Haste reforge, pool more DPS and rotation is more confortable, and i have also just a little lost dps with my off spec combat.

while with Mastery reforge doing more damage but lost in DPS

but with 5.4.8,  shadowcraft suggests me to reforge crit>haste>mastery, other near reforge is Haste>crit>mastery

while with Mastery> haste about 30% > crit i lost about 3k dps and is also wrong reforge.

I don't read any relevant change in 5.4.8 patch note, and i think that 2p bonus is not so strong as in combat for assassination,

i'm not sure but i always see max 2 stack bonus proc.

generally first mutilate with CP proc doing first stack , second mutilate doning 2th stack (and cost 50 of energy )

then i have 5 CP and  use finish, that cosume bonus proc.

So my question is:

I can trust to showdocraft and reforge crit>haste>mastery ( haste>crit>mastery) or better if reforge as i read in forum Mastery> haste = about 30% > crit

or continue with my current reforge: mastery = 15003( 115,51% ) haste =12712 ( 42,9% ) crit=3774 ( 29,75% ) ?

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