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Posted 20 December 2012 - 05:12 PM

Post: Windwalker (DPS): a flurry of tender fisting.
User: Littch
Infraction: 6. Do not post unless you have something new and worthwhile to say.
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This week i finally got all the 4 piece of t14 and even with a 65xx HASTE i can assure that our mastery is really a pain in the ass

even if it is an "extra" BK or a free TP atm, on long term is a loss due to the fact that since :

1) if i dont use ASAP the proc i lose ISTANT DPS ( dBKDMG / dT)

2) if i use the proc the GDC will screw my rotation and waste tons of energy since i dont JAB but i BK/TP and let the energy capping

i will do some test but im start thinking that isnt enough to reforge mastery > haste or crit

but also forget about mastery proc sometimes if that would screw our rotation , or even - but this is pure theory - to USE ONLY with an HIGH crit % to compensate the dps loss due to the energy capping or JAB delay

Example :

Assuming 100EN and 0 CHI

JAB [2CHI + BK PROC] -> BK ASAP or JAB and 3 BK ?

* remember that the GDC from JAB will add 1x energy to your 60 and the free BK another 1x -> 60->8x *

If you use the BK PROC but DONT CRIT it would prob be a loss DPS if the ENERGY WASTED thanks to the mastery could have give you another BK

But otherwise if you DONT USE THE PROC ASAP it is a BURST DPS LOSS but if you JAB over the PROC you can "store" 2 CHI for another BK, that we can assume as the "BK you wasted using the PROC ASAP"

I'm saying that since even with 65xx or 6700 haste there are the same problem - mastery and energy capping under HERO or BL - or even the terrible combo (EB + BL + MASTERY ...the horror)

I'm not saying that haste is getting a bad stat after some point, AA and TS are very strong with haste so.. , but at some point we HAVE to reforge on CRIT to compensate the problems that mastery proc can give us.

edit : 65xx-67xx haste based on my 2H build ;

Afaik Crit is undoubtedly better for 2h, the Haste=Crit builds were related to DW, which we have now gone into Crit > Haste too. You will probably get better results if you do same

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