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(H)[Illidan]<Fed Up>Miss 40Ms? Remember NEPHILIM? Military? 12/16 25M!

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Posted 21 December 2012 - 08:12 PM


Transfer Assistance Available, read on...

Do you want 25M Raiding? We are not a 10M Guild we are only 25M Raiding!

Its not that we miss the Vanilla raids so much as we miss the MENTALITY of players in that environment. We miss people who know how to be part of a TEAM and have the patience to build that TEAM. We are tired of the players that want everything NOW and instant gratification. We want those who farmed MC or BWL for MONTHS just for one piece of gear... THAT is what we miss about 40m raids... That is who we are recruiting and what we are creating.

We are back!


Server Transfer Candidates: **GUARANTEED** IF you transfer to this server ONLY to be a part of this guild... AND we are not as ADVERTISED we will PAY for you to transfer to another guild!

IF you apply and are ACCEPTED and need financial assistance to join the guild (IE Transfer Fees / Faction Change) we are willing to offer assistance if that is the only thing keeping you from joining our raid team.

** ONLY on your main character.

**Founded BY Vets: SDVOSB/G: Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business/Guild**

Fed Up: We are Fed Up with the new generation of wow players who have the entitlement mentality. We all know what I am talking about.. the type that the first thing they ask is: "What is your progression?" Translation:How much phat loots can you give me before I leave your guild looking for a new guild to give me more phat loots.

We are Fed Up with the kids who have never done the hard raids... and who have no idea what it is like to wipe for hours on one boss just for the prestige of killing the boss not because it has phat loots for our toon.

We are Fed Up with the type of players who dont contribute to the guild bank, who just show up for raids, who think they know it all, who leave mid raid because we wiped once or twice on a boss.

We are Fed Up with the players who dont come prepared: "Oh man anyone have a flask they can give me?" or "We dont need a flask for this boss its easy." Instead of realizing THAT IS NOT THE POINT!

We want our old core of players back who knew what it took to progress, who showed up for raids on time, came prepared, knew the fights, always had not just what they needed but came with extra. We want the players who know what its like to be dedicated to a guild or team and were willing to wipe for hours just to learn boss mechanics.

We want the players who CREATE the boss strategies not just read them on a website and regurgitate them...

We are back!

Find Purdette or Dejablue on Illidan and we will get you all setup.


Synergy (Spinebreaker) Dec 2004 - Jan 2006

Infamous (Haomarush) Jan 2006- Jun 2006

Stoic Jun 2006- Oct 2006

- Same guild different names. MC / BWL / AQ40 - All Clear. Naxx 40- 4 Wings clear, stopped at Saph prior to TBC.

** Guild deactivated due to many members recieving invites to some high end guilds such as Fusion, DnT, Overrated, Fires of Heaven... ETC

With the reshuffle of many of the higher end guilds, many of us came back together with the idea of just hanging out and not raiding. That didnt last long.

Guild: Nephilim May 2008- Present

Progression is the name of the game, progression is why we are here... Progression is ALL! We plan on being a competitive raiding guild and have started over. We broke out of our comfortable little guild with semi decent raiding progression to put it all on the table and make this project.

We want an elite raiding team, that is what we are building.

Are you Fed Up with WoW?

Are you Fed Up with guilds?

F U is the anti-guild!

Who are we?

We will say this... ALL the founders of this guild have been playing and raiding SINCE MC... We do have a ton of experience. But, with the culture of the game now and with the crappy raiding base, we want to recreate the OLD SCHOOL Raiding feel. When 40 people actually did their job and shit was truly difficult and worth raiding for.

This is a whole new concept we are building from the ground up. We want people willing to build and help us create this vision and make this a HEROIC raiding guild.

We don't care where you have been, what you have done or who you used to be.

We care about where you are going and what you want to do. We care about Heroic boss kills and serious raid progression.

Fed Up are players focused on heroic progression raiding. We come prepared. We don't waste anyone's time. We execute our strategy and get out.

We are veteran players as well as new players with a hunger for success. Yes, we have been there, done that... Yes, we have resumes a mile long... That is NOT what we are putting our emphasis in...

We are an equal opportunity community. No matter your gender, age, race, creed or religion. We have a strong military affiliation. All branches of service are automatically accepted regardless of level or experience.

This is no excuses, adult accountability at its best... We want mature, adult acting individuals.

This is great for anyone wanting a 2nd chance, for someone trying to get into heroic raiding, and for those who enjoy heroic raiding just are tired of all the old guild politics.

Our transparent Vote Council loot system ensures ruthless progression while rewarding players for what they contribute to Fed Up.

No excuses progression, no BS looting,

If you really are Fed Up then come find us, if not then FU!

We had to put SOMETHING cheezy in there or it just would not be a guild recruiting post.

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