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Infraction for Icerslair: Time Out

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Posted 27 December 2012 - 08:15 AM

Post: ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria
User: Icerslair
Infraction: Time Out
Points: 3

Administrative Note:

Message to User:

You need to take some time out and read the rules. Like, all of them. This post breaks a number of them, and your entire post history has been terrible as well. Do better or go away.

Original Post:

i can safley say that i still cant see it correctly. Yes I am assassination as we all should be for pve but still my hit and exp are WAY off.

I have HIT @ 9.82% (3,340) and EXP @ 3.11% (1,059). Rule of thumb is they both need to be ~7.50%. All i could get after 3 runs on raid dummy was 74k max peak and average on 70k. If your quick enough you can see my wow armoury now or even shadowcraft still and click update from armory and reforge (to see there is only chaste to crit reforge (but i prefer haste).

Anyway i reforged my own way. Exp now on 7.50 and changed a hit gem as its a useless stat when i have so much hit. Twice on training dummy and ive hit 101k and 100k dps and averaged on 92k.


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