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Posted 31 December 2012 - 12:44 PM

Post: Blood Tanking - Actively Mitigating since before it was cool
User: pipastrilo
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I'm wondering if anybody has worked out a mastery soft cap (I've seen mastery cap being referred to as when 1 death strike healing 7% would give a full blood shield mine would be around 1430%) however im talking about when the blood shields your getting are bigger than the average damage of a raid boss (would be different for every boss and with gear but a general guideline for norm bosses and hc bosses)
I'm interested in this as I'm finding (due to being overgeared now) that I'm capping blood shield while tanking on norms and even on some heroics (running with a good disc priest helps to do this)

Just as a guideline I'm currently 594291 health unbuffed and 166.76% (198.01% buffed) and even on some heroics (blade lord, spiritbinder, feng come to mind also elegon but thats due to breath) i keep my blood shield up the whole time while tanking if i don't make a silly mistake this meaning for these bosses i should be swapping some of my mastery for stamina when gemming
For those whos opinion is keep going mastery for as long as posible please explain why i need a min ds heal to cap when i can while attacking sha alone (resetting on mind control with worms) I could take damage fast enough to get a 125128 (had just used ERW to get a DS without any SoB) heal that would mean 2x death strike at that point is = to 495531 (i had mastery elixir so was at around 177%) and that's not including use of a mastery trinket if i used that on top i would of most likely capped with 2 death strikes then all i need after getting that up is mastery to get a blood shield = the physical damage I'm going to take and i can keep it for as long as i want.
Just to clarify I'm looking for a guideline of how much stam:mastery ratio we should aim for (sort of like a rough guide given in the quote you used for balancing dodge:parry by Theck

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