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Posted 12 January 2013 - 05:56 PM

Post: Holy Moley
User: purgex
Infraction: 3. All discussion should be both polite and civil.
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Valid point, but the combative tone is unnecessary. Please tone it down in the future.

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Until you don't get a Divine Purpose proc when you need the output for a burn phase like Force & Verve. Or you're in a 25 man and don't have the regen or procs to cover more of the raid, meaning the Druid, Holy Priest, and Monk eat your lunch and/or raid spot.

It is a niche setup and random is random. The perfect complement would be to reforge to Crit.

As the holy paladin with the world #1 rank on blade lord 25 heroic every week we've done it, you are wrong. Why would you not be spamming your AOE splash heal followed by your smart-healing flashlight during F&V?

Last month we kicked the other holy paladin in my guild after he was only at 150k healing on Tsulong heroic, where I was at 210k. There is NO excuse not to have the elite PvP 4-set by now, with each piece double upgraded. Every Tuesday you just need to swap every gem to 320 resilience and carry someone 10-0 for conq. People who try and use the PvE set now are the same people who dropped their Naxxaramas 4-set in favor of stats. No one cares about your gear score. Get over it.

You're not welcome to spew your arrogance here, and to the guy who wondered wether his raid-team would allow PvP gear; find a new raid team.

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