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Infraction for purgex: 8. All accounts must have a valid WoW profile.

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Posted 16 January 2013 - 10:17 PM

Post: Holy Moley
User: purgex
Infraction: 8. All accounts must have a valid WoW profile.
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Administrative Note:

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Anonymous posting is not allowed, you need to update your profile, there is no character with that name in your realm.

Original Post:

While I agree with you im slightly confused, your profile states you are from the US but I checked the logs and the guy whos got rank 1 is from EU.

Logs don't show up for a couple months for some guilds, and some are completely private (and the paladin on my profile is level 80). Also, I'd like to point out that you need stam gems for empress if you still have a lot of normal mode gear, otherwise you'll just be 1-shot. Holy paladins using the PvP set should start practicing with the PvE set the second they kill Sha on heroic though, because it's what you'll be using in the next patch when the PvP set is nerfed.

A question to the community, on the Shaman thread they found that if you exactly meet the haste breakpoint, you more often than not don't get the last bonus tick on a HOT because of lag, has anyone noticed this with EF?

Edit: One more, a note on stat priorities, since the goal is to cast holy radiance as much as possible, even in ten man, spirit should be the most valuable stat. In ten-mans Holy Radiance can heal just as much as EF as long as you use it on a target in the middle of a few allies. Since we cast holy light once or twice a fight on ten man ( only ever to increase the shield on a tank when the raid is at 100% health), spirit is more of a need for us. One can only hope for Wrath-style Holy-Light buffs, because if I heal the tank with 800k hp for 50k, his bar won't even move.

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