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Infraction for Callimar: Multiple Violations

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Posted 17 January 2013 - 02:25 PM

Post: Mistweaver Healing Compendium
User: Callimar
Infraction: Multiple Violations
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First off want to say thank you for all the hard work you guys put in. I've only been monk healing for a couple of days so in general I'm pretty bad at it, but I have a few questions.

Stat priority: I've used the calculator and am learning my way around it. As secondary stats go it seems none are all that great. Haste is good for somethings and useless for the others, Mastery is... ok, depending on how well your raid steps in globes, and crit is.. good for most things? Last thought for spirit, does it make sense to get spirit to the point where you can essentially SM for free? Or as close to possible 2800mps that seams feasible. Also IF mana is comfortable would it then make sense to gem int in all red slots? Int sits more than 2x as good in all areas for me if I'm reading the calculator correctly.

L30 Talents: I've not seen anything definitive. I've heard that Chi burst can be good pending if you can line it up and Zen Sphere from what I've read here has been nerfed pretty well. Till 5.2 for ease of learning would it be best to stick to chi wave?

General game play: I have single target healing down so I'm not concerned there. Where I being to get bogged down in decision making is Chi generation and when/how to spend it. I think the easiest way to do this is to just tell you what I do. Currently I'm staying out of melee, with the exception of auto attacking while regening. While "classic" healing I use SM to build chi + EH + RM on CD. If single tgt tanking Ill EM if not uplift as long as I'm at 5+ targets. I only use SM if I absolutely have to. Admittedly I'm bad about remember to use my mana tea on CD (glyphed) but even still I chew through mana during raids like Richard Simmons at an open buffet. Below is an armory link. Again I've only been 90 for a couple of days but I'd rather provide as much info up front as possible.

Thanks again in advance. I really want to put in the work to become a great monk healer I'll just need a little help. Also would it be possible to update the OP? Would make it easier for new guys like myself.
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