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Infraction for Havoc12: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.

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Posted 19 January 2013 - 01:39 PM

Post: Disc Priest - Mists of Pandaria
User: Havoc12
Infraction: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Using this forum for whining is not acceptable. More specifically:

  • We don't care if you think Blizzard is not catering to your personal needs.
  • We don't care if you think they are being inconsiderate towards your feelings.
  • We generally don't care about any personal biased thought that might run through your head.
This thread is focused on theorycrafting and if the only valuable opinion you have to offer is "Everyone needs to get into the official forums and tell blizzard that they are being completely stupid and they will make disc not viable yet again" then please don't share it out loud. I am moving this comment to a more appropriate thread. For such kind of thoughts in the future consider posting there instead.

Original Post:

Actually you couldn't be more wrong. The proc haste from PWS is very very useful to disc, since you can use it to push more spells into a breakpoint and you can chain lots of instants with it when moving.

Borrowed time is a very big part of PWS throughput and an extremely useful source of haste from disc. If you don't htink its exciting you are not using it right.

The changes are patently stupid. They just nerfed PoH by 40% or more for disc depending on mastery.... They really just killed disc for 25man. There is barely any point in casting PoH unless you have inner focus.

Worst of all they just leave us with 15s PWS and 1min CD 15s duration spirit shell as our main bubbles.

I really don't know what they are thinking.

They now expect you to be spamming PWS a LOT, which means mastery is again the way to go and crit is a total waste of stats. You won't be casting PoH except with spirit shell ever. It just heals too little compared with any other spell frankly without the aegis and it is a slow party limited heal. PWS and roll penance + instants will now become the only viable way to heal.

Here are the numbers taken directly from the tooltip in game (completely unbuffed):

With 42.73% mastery, 9.09% crit

PoH = 29073 per person and PWS = 92689.

PoH HPS = 29073*(1+0.0909*2.4273)*2 = 70 975 HPS

PWS = 61 790, but PWS also has borrowed time and when used right zero overheal. With fully raid buffed values of

60% mastery, 14.09% crit

PWS = 69 266

PoH = 79 447

Now taking into account borrowed time:

PWS = 79656

PWS/PoH 1:1 spam = 82 894k.

This of course assumes zero overheal and full usage of all aegis, which is nonsensical. With the lowest realistic averages of 15% overheal for PoH and at least 20% loss of aegis in any situation where you don't have constant raid wide ticking damage, PWS spam is better HPS than PoH and more absorb then spirit shell/PoH.

More importantly this assumes constant damage so you can get your aegis absorbed, which is by no means a given. It is hard to get aegis absorbed completely even now when you can control it. With random aegis on crits it will be impossible, so you will get quite a lot of your aegis being useless. Since spirit shell is also massively nerfed, you will want to cast PWS even when spirit shell is active to get borrowed time.

More importantly do you notice something. I can barely break 90k HPS with these values where as holy I can easily hit 130k. Yes the nerf is that big. Unless every single boss has a big damage buff so disc can spam atonement our sustained HPS will be lowered by 40% and in most encounters it will be lowered even more dramatically, because without blanket absorbs we have nothing that can compete with the blanket raid heals from other classes. Worse of all, will barely be better than paladins for spamming absorbs.

Disc will be worse off than it was at the start of MoP. We will have lower HPS than anyone else, we will not have the utility of being able to roll absorbs anymore, and thanks to the massive spirit shell nerf to single target heals we won't be such strong tank healers anymore.

Everyone needs to get into the official forums and tell blizzard that they are being completely stupid and they will make disc not viable yet again.

Unfortunately blizzard and a good chunk of the community seems to think that absorbs are more useful than high HPS. This is just not true. If absorbs are important in an encounter then it will not be healable without disc and you will just HAVE to have a disc priests there whether you like it or not. If they are not essential then it is better to take healers who can do higher HPS.

I really hope that is not the final patch notes, because if it is, never mind what we will gear as disc, because we won't be playing disc at all.

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