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Infraction for Havoc12: Multiple Violations

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Posted 19 January 2013 - 02:00 PM

Post: Disc Priest - Mists of Pandaria
User: Havoc12
Infraction: Multiple Violations
Points: 1

Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Rule 1: Please don't use @. If you need to quote someone the forum already provides you with a quoting tool.

Rule 4: This is the second warning you get today for this. Please refrain from expressing your personal opinions on how you feel about your class. If you believe it is not going to be the best healing class for the next tier then level the class that will currently hold that position. But whatever you might decide to do, again, please keep it to yourself. We really don't have any need to know.

Original Post:


I am afraid your post does not make any sense to me. Every post anyone has made before is out of the window with the new stats. I am not ignoring penance or archangel. I just calculated with my unbuffed SP, but buffed mastery and crit and zero haste, what kind of HPS I would be doing as disc and found it to be 90k odd. As holy its roughly 130k

I don't agree that crit is good unless you are mostly pure atonement smiting. Aegis from crit is random, you don't choose when it goes up or on who. PWS on the other hand is not.

Here is an example:

All our wipes on garalon on the kill night. Details for Shaarra - 16-01 22:59 - After Hours - World of Logs

Look at aegis "overheal" and look at PWS "overheal". And this is hc garalon we are talking about.

Check our kill on windlord to see an even worse comparison.


PoH tooltip = 38019
PoH SINGLE TARGET = Avg * (1+2.09*C+1.03*C*M) (with crit metagem effect)
38019 * (1+2.09*0.25+1.03*0.25*0.35) = 61310

PoH HPS SINGLE TARGET = 61310/2.5/1.1= 22295 hps
PoH HPM SINGLE TARGET = 61310/13500 = 4.54 hpm

PWS tooltip = 114633
PWS HPS (w/o BT) = 114633 / 1.5 / 1.1 = 69475 hps
PWS HPM (with 25% mana cost reduction, but w/o Rapture regen) = 114633 / 13725 = 8,35 hpm

Not ideal, but common occasion (25man)
PoH HPS 4 TARGET=4* 61310/2.5/1.1= 89180 hps
PoH HPM 4 TARGET=4 * 61310/13500 = 18,16 hpm

Ideal occasion (mostly probable in 10 man)
PoH HPS 5 TARGET=5* 61310/2.5/1.1= 111475 hps
PoH HPM 5 TARGET=5 * 61310/13500 = 22,7 hpm

Your math is wrong. You have to multiply by haste not divide.

You are ignoring borrowed time, which changes everything and I hope you realise that 50% of your estimated healing comes from crits and random aegis that you can't keep alive.

PWS with borrowed time: 114633 / 1.5 * 1.1 *1.15 = 96 673.83

PoH 5 targets = 5* 61310/2.5*1.1= 134 882
PoH 4 targets = 107 905.6

PWS:PoH 1:1 = (5*61310+114633)/(1.5+2.5/1.15)*1.1 = 126 106

Now lets look at a rather different gearing. Lets take out 11% crit and convert it to 20% mastery and 6% haste.

PWS new value = 114633*1.55/1.35 = 131 615

PoH new value = 52 159

PWS with borrowed time = 131 615/1.5*1.16*1.15 = 117 050 HPS
PoH 5 targets = 5* 52 159/2.5*1.16 = 121009
PoH 4 targets = 96807

PWS/PoH5 targets 1:1 = 123 899.04617458774

This is with zero overheal and assuming zero wasting on aegis. If you are hitting 4.5 targets per PoH with your numbers you end up with 121 393.8 HPS.

I suggest you calculate the HPS you can get from glyphed binding heal and factor in 5% universal crit buff on PoH from inner focus and 5% overheal on PoH then run the numbers again. The results will surprise you.


If you now compare your HPS before and after the nerf you will see that disc is nerfed dramaticaly. The buff to penance is a drop in the ocean considering we have been nerfed by over 40% on PoH and spirit shell. Stack all the crit you like, the nerf is going to be just massive no matter what.

The current tier has many bosses with damage buffs on the hc tier, which makes atonement stronger, but it still just 50% of your HP and only some of that is penance. Spirit shell still makes up a huge chunk of your HP and it is getting nerfed dramatically. Adding crit is going to increase your HPS on paper only. In real terms you will not see even half the improvement you expect.

I think on 10man maybe disc is ok, but on 25man if they don't buff something else, disc will drop like a rock.

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