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Posted 23 January 2013 - 10:16 PM

Post: [Ret 5.0.4 MoP] Retribution Concordance (RetCon) - Panda-ing the DPS Meters
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Original Post:

Cloudio - yes, it would be a DPS loss. You cannot gain enough extra stats on gear to pull ahead. Tier gear has the same stat allocation (budget) as other items of the same ilvl, and any damage generated by set bonus is truly free damage.

You can generally get a few hundred extra DPS from Str and Secondary Stats going from LFR Tier to Normal non-tier or Normal Tier to Heroic non-tier, but you lose several hundred/thousand more in the exchange. The net, so far, has always been negative.

Just for reference:
T14 (current tier) 4 piece bonus alone is worth around 3000 DPS (with SW). By 'alone' I mean disregarding 2 piece and the stats on gear, just the benefit from the AW reduction. At a glance at Balhale's numbers, 2P T15 should be roughly the same (2T14+2T15 ~= 2T14+4T14, the extra stats on the T15 pull it ahead). To tie this to Cloudio's question, you'd need 2 pieces of gear (remember, 2 piece bonus wasn't included) that give 3000 DPS+ from stats.

Balhale has already guesstimated the T15 4 piece alone at around 10,000 DPS.

I did a quick guesstimate of Warrior T15 4 piece and get ~3.5k DPS bonus (using input of 100k DPS with 20% crit rate over 450 second fight). That sort of lines up with our last bonus - a roughly 3% overall damage buff.

Logically our bonus is in for further work to bring it in line. Somewhat flummoxed as to what can presently be tweaked beyond the CS proc rate (and dropping that to 10-15% to reduce the bonus by the necessary 2/3 would exacerbate RNG issues).

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