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Posted 23 January 2013 - 10:43 PM

Post: [WW] 5.1 - Still Fisting, a Windwalker Thread
User: Schmoopy
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Hey! in your frontpage guide you say that windwalkers using 2handers should prio crit over haste.
however when i run simcraft it gives me these stats (normalized):

agility: 1
haste: 0.53
crit: 0.41
mastery: 0.34

So i should actually gem haste if i was to follow these results, which is roughly the same each time i run a sim.
I do noticable more dmg on a dummy when reforged to crit.
Could simcraft be wrong?

this is my monk btw:
Tenzim @ Azuremyst - Community - World of Warcraft

See this post http://elitistjerks....p2/#post2238832 and please remember that most recommendations in the guide are based off best in slot. Weights will constantly change with your characters current gear. Also any dummy parsing w/o full raid buffs and about 5 min of rotation excecution is not worthy to base any conclusions off of.

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