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Posted 23 January 2013 - 10:44 PM

Post: [WW] 5.1 - Still Fisting, a Windwalker Thread
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Hey! in your frontpage guide you say that windwalkers using 2handers should prio crit over haste.
however when i run simcraft it gives me these stats (normalized):

agility: 1
haste: 0.53
crit: 0.41
mastery: 0.34

So i should actually gem haste if i was to follow these results, which is roughly the same each time i run a sim.
I do noticable more dmg on a dummy when reforged to crit.
Could simcraft be wrong?

this is my monk btw:
Tenzim @ Azuremyst - Community - World of Warcraft

Like Schmoopy said, the recommendations are based on a higher gear level. Most monks feel comfortable above 4k haste, and in fact when you're getting into Heroics it's hard to stay below 5k even if you want to. SimC will almost always offer haste as your primary area of improvement on Patchwerk fights and often if you look at the scaling it's pretty similar with Crit, but Crit over Haste is a lot nicer on playstyle (easier to manage, and wins out when movement is involved)

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