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Infraction for Perro: Multiple Violations

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 01:25 PM

Post: Hunter Simple Question / Simple Answers : MoP Edition
User: Perro
Infraction: Multiple Violations
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Rule 1: Please capitalize the first letter of each sentence , I understand English is not your first language but the concept of capitalizing is not foreign to you. Do not start a new sentence unless you intent making it into a paragraph.

Rule 7: Most of the answers you need can be found in the actual guide. Please read the OP more carefully.

Rule 9: Don't sign your posts. Everyone can see your armory from your profile.

Original Post:

is worth casting focus fire as bm, is an extra CD that require extra attention to an already bloated rotation of short cds and also something to watch 20 sec before a BW every min.

with all the care and all the time you will spend on this spell is really worth it?

without mentioning a free keybind is a free keybind.

here is my hunter armory in case you want to put on on a simulator:
Perro @ Blackhand - Community - World of Warcraft

another question is: extra buffs like protectors heroic buff+fearless from heroic sha benefit the pet in any way?

are those fights a NO for bm and SV would be higher for those 2 specific fights?

my 1st protectors kill was with me as bm since we had no shaman, made the traping for adds really stressfull along with dispelling interupting.

edit: does anyone know what are the hit cap and expertise cap for challenge modes, i seen nothing about challenge modes and would love to see something on it, like gear and stuff. things that count and things that dont.

PD: sorry for my english i dont speak it or write it well. im a long time reader of this forums never had the chance to post until today.

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