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Infraction for Winty: The Banhammer

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Posted 30 January 2013 - 10:46 PM

User: Winty
Infraction: The Banhammer
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

How fascinating. I must confess I have no idea who you are or how long ago I banned whatever account you were using, nor do I care enough to do any searching. Thanks for the harassing PM; combined with my own forgetfulness, it lets me know that my actions mattered more to you than they did to me. That's comforting in a world that sometimes seems cold and uncaring.

By way of thanks, please allow me to further instruct you in the correct application of the English language. You appear to have learned the rule that using "an" instead of "a" is governed by the presence of a vowel (or in some cases in British English, vowel sound) at the beginning of the next word in the sentence. While this is generally correct, you ran afoul of an exception when you called me "an useless human being." Yes, there is a U at the start of useless, but it is pronounced as English "you." The word therefore begins with a consonant sound, making your "an" an incorrect application of a generally-correct rule.

Thanks again for your correspondence. It's always nice to learn that my trivial actions have such a major impact on the lives of others.

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