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Posted 07 February 2013 - 08:10 AM

Post: [Balance] Simple questions + WoL Feedback
User: igdrassil
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Hello EJ !

I have a problem with the energy charges on Elegon 10 HC (although we just killed him), and I have been told to look up for a solution. Our strategy is 1dps per energy charge except our lock who just aoe them all, we have our two tanks take care of the last EC. One of my RL (the lock :rolleyes: ) is telling me that we should be able to clean 6 or 7 waves (70 or 80% debuff on Elegon per phase), however the wave n°5 is when I start losing my hair (and my feathers as a moonkin).

I use Inc+NV at the start of the fight so I can use them three times, when we hit P2 I just deal with the first 3 waves without any problems, the fourth wave can be difficult if RNG is being a bitch or if I screw up (I know I suck). I did cleaned the fifth wave a couple of times with amazing luck but this is usually my limit. I do “save” a SS proc for this wave if possible but that is still not anywhere near enough if I don't get big crits.

I know that I could/should use CA to help kill the fifth wave but even if I do the 6 and 7 are way out of my league (even if I save Inc and NV for them, I tried)
I could improve by lunar showering my way to the next eclipse, I get the feeling that my casts are way too slow and that I should be under NG for waves N°4 or 5 and those that follow.

I would really appreciate if you could give a fellow moonkin some tips/hints to perform better.
How many wave do you think you could clean “by yourself” ? How do you do it ? Is my RL crazy or not ?

My armory link : Igdrassil @ Sargeras - Communauté - World of Warcraft

WoL : Dashboard - 10-01 21:08 - Ars Magna - World of Logs

Edit for dragoness : I can see that you are short of your hit cap by 32 points.

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