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Posted 07 February 2013 - 08:12 AM

Post: [Balance] Simple questions + WoL Feedback
User: Renindarb
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Hello to all the Boomkins out there.
So lately I have been lacking in DPS compared to the rest of my guild. At the start of the expansion I was towards the top but now that we all have gotten a little more gear I'm starting to drop more towards the middle of the pack. We finally killed Elegon 25H last night and I feel like I performed pretty well and consider myself a pretty solid player. But I fell in the middle of the pack and would like to see if there is something that can be determined from the logs that I am doing wrong or if I'm doing solid DPS for my gear level.

Details for Renin - 13-01 18:15 - Dulce Bellum - World of Logs

Renin @ Stonemaul - Community - World of Warcraft

I do notice right away from the logs that my DoT up-times were a little lower than I would like them to be but I think part of that can be due to the fact you can't DoT Elegon during the pillar phases. I do always position myself on the edge of the circle so that I can just jump to clear my debuff and I always try to clear my debuff around 6 to 8 stacks when I'm re-applying DoTs.
After we are done killing the pillars we group up around the console and get the adds grouped up there and are under instruction to not DoT or attack the adds until the tanks have them grouped up. So I try to get myself into Solar Eclipse to Hurricane them down once have them grouped up.
We are doing 5 rounds of sparks the first go and then 4 the second go for what that's worth.
Any constructive input would be greatly appreciated in helping me improve my Boomkin skills.
Opening rotation I should have noted in here:
start one Wrath from Lunar > get mushrooms pre-planted > pre-pot > starfall > Wrath > Incarnation/NV > Mushroom detonate > DoT's > SS > Starfire > Starfall > Starfire and SS procs til 0 energy > CA > DoT's > starfall when previous is done > Starfire until Solar
After that I continue along the normal rotation, trying to refresh DoT's when they have less than a second left unless i'm about to leave eclipse with only a few seconds left on the buffed DoT I will refresh that one before leaving the eclipse state.


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