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Posted 12 February 2013 - 11:44 AM

Post: Hunter Simple Question / Simple Answers : MoP Edition
User: Dailyravager
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hey guys ive got a question relating to stampede;

i dont realy know where to ask it but here goes im still not convinced that a full 5 frocious pets in stampede is the best thing and to pass up atleast 1 or each of the other 2 specs with 3 ferocious but i have no clue how i can go about testing this it just seems like the other abilitities could come into use ill tell you my thinkin behind this im still pretty much a noob but if im being stoopid :P ill understandif explained to me lol :P:

4 Ferocious (off taunt) 1 Tenacity (on taunt) my thinking is last stand could be useful to take heat of the tank prolonging life


4 Ferocious (off taunt) 1 Cunning (on taunt) this being for the reason roar of sacrafice could be macro’d or used via healium to cast on tank (or even onself in solo) plus if the cunning pets takin the most damage maybe it will loose enough health to get the bonus 50% damage done when below 35% health (also with a bird as your cunning choice you can use snatch ability will this work on npc’s in dungeons and raids?)


3 Ferocious (off taunt) 1 Tenacity and 1 Cunning (not sure which to have on taunt as the first two options wud need to be tested)

i do realise they are only on play for 20 seconds i just have no clue how id test it or what id use to test it ive pretty much stumbled through this game for the past year with only your site for guidance at very least i think this could be a good discusion point as even in BM we have all the specail abilities to entertain the idea of a mixed spec bag

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