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Infraction for Cârp: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.

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Posted 20 February 2013 - 11:18 PM

Post: Mists of Pandaria: All Specs
User: Cârp
Infraction: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.
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Two things: try running www.simulationcraft.org first and foremost, and see what it says about your scale factors. Two, no need to sign your posts.

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Hi there!

I've been checking this website out for quite a long time now and have always found the answers I needed for my toons, however this time I couldn't seem to find any help on this so I decided to make an account and ask my question here.

Our guild has been looking for a hunter for a while now to fill our 10th and final raid spot, but this proved to be quite hard. After some discussions they recently decided to recruit a Frost DK instead, as we could use the second combat res incase I died on future progression bosses. Now this brings forth an issue and my question. Our raid team will not have the Spell Haste buff because of this decision and my question is the following: Is it worth reforging into haste to get the haste needed for the second corruption tick?

Extra info:
I am a 499 orcish warlock. Without the spell haste buff I would need 7078 haste rating to get the second corruption tick. I have checked what I would need to gem/reforge/enchant for this, and I would come to the following stats: 7107 haste rating, 4922 hit rating, 2005 crit rating, 6324 mastery rating. My current stats are, which are still based on having the spell haste buff to get the corruption tick: 4763 haste rating, 5105 hit rating, 2005 crit rating, 8655 mastery rating.

So yeah, is it worth the huge loss of mastery to achieve this haste level?

When I think a bit further even: Now that I am close to passing 500 ilvl, I would have had to go to 6637 haste rating with the spell haste buff provided by the raid, now this becomes 9094 haste rating for me as we do not have the spell haste buff. This is not achievable with my current gear at all. But once it is, should I aim for that? Or should I just stay with my current reforging which is mentioned above in italics?

Final questions: If the answer is no, should I then go for the second agony tick (5320 haste rating without the raid buff) or just the extra unstable affliction tick (3040 haste rating without the raid buff)? Or should I overall just keep aiming for 4717 haste rating like I would do if I had the raid buff?

Sorry for making this first post into quite a long one with a load of questions. I hope I was clear enough. Let me know if there's still any information needed to make a good call on this. And thanks for your time!


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