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Posted 21 February 2013 - 02:32 PM

Post: [Ret 5.0.4 MoP] Retribution Concordance (RetCon) - Panda-ing the DPS Meters
User: Balhale
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Have any of you number crunchers identified much change in our priority come next tier bonuses? I'm assuming exo will make its way ahead of how with the 2 pc. Will crusader strike move up at all or at the very least sneak into the aw rotation. Also would we end up using the new 4 pc Procs immediately or just stick to priority to keep maximum hp generation?

TV5 > T90 > HoW > CS > Exo > J > TV3/4 (with 4pc)

2 min wings baseline may change that.


It's actually better imo to have roughly the same average output but do with burst highs and lows rather than flat sustained dps - let's you take more advantage of burn phases, e.g. H-Wind Lord or the end of H-Elegon. See also ret's burst on Spine in DS.

Also, the buffs you are complaining about are to the lower specs of hunters and locks - MM, Destro, Demo - these specs are not doing as well, especially MM.

Finally, HoTR is worth using at 2 targets already.

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