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Warning for sizenomatter: 1. All posters are to make an effort to communicate clearly.

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Posted 26 February 2013 - 07:25 PM

Post: Arcane Mage Compendium 5.1.
User: sizenomatter
Infraction: 1. All posters are to make an effort to communicate clearly.
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Message to User:

2 things. First, while the part of that post that you wrote is fine and certainly adds to the discussion, the post that you appear to have quoted (please use the quote function to set something like that apart from your own contributions) looks as if it was written by a 12-year-old on his latest attempt to pass the fourth grade. At the very least, use a quote block. More ideally, quote someone who can form coherent sentences, or just link to their post and summarize what they tried to say despite their literary failings.

Also, despite the moanings and gnashings of teeth on other forums, arcane is, as far as we can tell, only being nerfed back to where it's not completely imbalanced and dominant over every other dps spec save for one of the lock specs (which is also going to be nerfed), plus it's actually going to be mildly interesting/skill-based to play now, which it was largely not during the Great Age of Scorch Weaving. The sky is not falling, and we'll see where arcane ends up once the patch is actually finished and deployed. People will be playing it past the next 2 weeks.

Original Post:

Figured I'd share some armors math since we won't be playing arcane for more than a couple weeks. I'm just going to copy and paste from a recent app thread:

ive been using mage armor because i assumed it would be better for arcane by design.

frost armor vs mage armor

simcraft's scale factors for my toon are -
1 haste rating - 2.81 dps
1 mastery rating - 2.55 dps

frost armor - 7% haste x 425.19 = 2976.33 haste rating
mage armor - 3000 mastery rating

2976.33 haste rating = 8363.48 dps (frost armor)
3000 mastery rating = 7650 dps (mage armor)

so... i guess frost armor is better. less than 1k dps so definitely not a big deal but yea.

i guess ill use frost armor from now on.

You went pretty far. You missed one part though. The 7% haste is multiplicative with your other haste meaning: I have for example: 13.67% haste. I gain 5% (multiplicative) in raid bringing me to 19.35% haste (1.1367*1.05). When you add in frost armor buff that gives me a total of 27.70% haste (1.1935*1.07) meaning frost armor gives me a total bonus of 8.35% haste (27.70-19.35). This correlates to an apparent 3552 haste. So frost armor is even better than you'd think due to the amount of haste you have.

I'll add an addendum here. There are assumptions made by both parties in this discussion. Probably the biggest assumption is the stat weights. If the first mage had simmed with frost armor buff instead of the default mage armor then his haste stat weights would have already accounted for the multiplicative buff (by increasing the value of haste). This is because of the way simcraft functions. Let's say for example it calculates your dps with 5000 (11.76%) haste and frost armor and comes up with 150,000. In doing its scale calculation is will simulate dps with 4500 (10.58%) haste and frost armor (1.18% difference). Because frost armor is multiplying your base haste value your overall haste goes from (1.1176*1.07*1.05=1.2556 (25.56%)) to 1.1058*1.07*1.05=1.2423 (24.23%)). An overall difference in haste of 1.33%. If you had been using mage armor when calculating the stat weights your haste differential would have been less (1.24%, resulting in a lower value of haste). This is how simcraft rolls in the buff to the calculation.

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