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[h] Strife - Jaedenar is LFM for 10m Heroic Raiding

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 06:16 PM

We are actively recruiting to fill 2 of the following 3 spots:
-non-warrior tank

Frost Dks/Ret Paladins/Mages are encouraged to apply.

Our raiding schedule is Monday - Thursday 8pm to 11:45pm EST
(Our realm is EST)
We are pushing heroic content each patch as the number one guild on the server, and are looking for players well versed in their class and have played said class for a while. We also look for players who have experience in normal and heroic raiding and can take suggestions/criticism while maybe offering some of their own insight.
Our current roster is lacking in those class requirements - and to add that would help us immensely in dynamic.

As of this post we are 6/6 Heroic MSV , 6/6 Heroic HoF , 1/4 Heroic ToES
We are a 10 man guild that likes to keep an active roster of 12-13 players.
We rotate players in for fights depending on progression fight needs and who needs gear for farm content.
We use a Mumble server.
Applicants start at initiate rank for about a month until proven, and then get promoted to raider rank where you get free guild repairs and pots / flasks for raiding.

We are looking to finish out this patch strong and go hard into Thunder Isle with 5.2 in the next couple weeks.

If you'd like to apply our website is Strife
Any follow up questions please post on this thread or make a toon on Jaedenar and message Klausnomi, Naladu, or Hackers.
We will give RealID info to serious applicants.

Here is our realm's Wowprogress ranking:
WoW Realm US-Jaedenar :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings

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