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#41 trustsam


    Glass Joe

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 07:59 PM

If grace is on tank and I cast Prayer of Healing on him is the increased healing (30%) also transferred to the other 4 people within the 30 yard radius or his heal bigger than the other 4?

#42 royalpoet


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Posted 23 May 2013 - 05:29 AM

If grace is on tank and I cast Prayer of Healing on him is the increased healing (30%) also transferred to the other 4 people within the 30 yard radius or his heal bigger than the other 4?

His heal will be larger (all else, like other buffs and crits, held equal). Prayer of Healing heals up to five people independently, it doesn't mirror the healing on the original target to the other people. Every heal from a single PoH cast will be affected on its own from whatever +heal buffs are on the target that heal is hitting and can also each crit independently.

#43 kouby


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Posted 24 May 2013 - 11:52 AM

I don't have concrete numbers to back this up, but after having spent ages going back and forth between crit and mastery, I've got to say I feel mastery is way ahead of crit.
Probably simply because of the overall throughput increase of mastery, not only is crit random as shit, but every single heal hits like a pansy when you're low on mastery.
Oh and bubble spam is back so another point for mastery.
Thoughts? Is everyone still aiming for the balance between crit and mastery?

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Posted 24 May 2013 - 02:24 PM

It is time we discussed in more detail the use of PWS during spirit shell. Since spirit shell PoH is now no greater HPS than normal PoH, it can be beneficial to add PWS casts during spirit shell, as you can potentially increase the absorb buffer without losing any spirit shell PoH casts.


H = (1+(hasterating)/4.25)*PI, where PI = 1 if you have PI up or 0 otherwise
M = %mastery from tooltip expressed as a fraction of 1
Tn = Spirit shell duration time available for casting non borrowed time spirit shell PoH after casting n PWS
Xn = total number of spirit shell PoH casts when casting n PWS
An = total absorb value of spirit shell + n PWS
BT = 1 if you have borrowed time up before activating spirit shell or 0 otherwise
PoH spirit shell absorb*5 = k
PWS absorb = k*0.42*(1+M)/(1+0.5M)

The decrease in casting time for PoH due to borrowed time is 0.15*2.5/(1.05*H), thus we can assume all casts of PoH have the same cast time and just increase the total casting by by this factor for each borrowed time proc.

Xn = int[Tn/2.5*(1.05*H)], where int is a function that returns the integer part of a real number

An = k*[Xn + n*0.42*(1+M)/(1+0.5M)]

Thus maximising the absorption buffer you can create during spirit shell requires maximising [Xn + n*0.42*(1+M)/(1+0.5M)]

This assumes that you are pre-shielding i.e. the raid is not currently taking high levels of damage, so you are just interested in the amount of absorb you can put on top of ppl in anticipation to the damage spike. Under conditions of continuous damage PWS/PoH 1:1 is automatically better HPS than straight PoH spam anyway.

Tn = 15 +(0.15*2.5)/(1.05*H)*BT - n*(1.5-0.15*2.5)/(1.05*H) = 15-(n*(1.5-0.15*2.5) - 0.15*2.5*BT)/(1.05*H)

Xn = int(6*1.05*H +0.15*BT - 0.45*n) = int(6.3*H + 0.15*BT - 0.45*n)

Xn = 6 with n = 1, requires H = 1, but that is with 0 loss of time from latency. For me I need at least 3% haste in order to get 6 spirit shell casts with zero haste so all values need to have 3% added to them to account for this.

Xn = 6 with n = 2 requires H = 1.0715

That means 7.15% unbuffed haste allows you to cast 2 extra PWS during spirit shell, which means it raises the amount of absorb by 0.9 of a full spirit shell cast at 25% mastery

Xn = 7, with n = 0 requires H = 1.0874

Xn = 6 with n = 3 requires H = 1.143

Xn = 7 with n = 1 requires H = 1.159

Xn = 7 with n = 2 requires H = 1.231

Xn = 8 with n = 0 requires H = 1.247

Thus in general there is an intermediate breakpoint for the absorb with n = 1.

With PI on

H needs to be divdied by 1.2, which means anything with H below 1.2 is baseline.

Xn = 8, n = 0 requires H = 1.039

Xn = 8, n = 1 requires H = 1.098

Hence up to 10% unbuffed haste + a latency factor (this is ~3% for me) allows you to add 7 casts of spirit shell baseline and 8, n=1 casts during spirit shell.

I tested this in game and indeed I can confirm that 8.4% haste equivalent to 3% haste before raid buffs allows me to cast 6 PoHs + 1PWS during spirit shell if I start with borrowed time. 3% haste is what I need to get exactly 6 casts off.

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