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Posted 06 March 2013 - 12:56 AM

Post: Disc Priest - Mists of Pandaria
User: Havoc12
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Original Post:

I was actually wrong about haste and the 9sec penance CD it did change things a lot.

penance+HF+3smites = 8s without haste or 7.6s with just the haste buff. Since three smites reduce penance CD to 7.5s the raid buff alone is enough.

However things do change a lot with borrowed time

Let us calculate how much HPS you gain from 10% haste with and without the HF glyph.

10% haste * the 5% raid buff is 15.5% total haste.

With 15.5% haste you have to use a 8.26s sequence with 4 smites instead of a 7.62s, 3 smite sequence

In 5.2, an unglyphed smite is 0.734397537059 of a penance tick. A glyphed smite is 0.881277044471 of a penance tick. HF is 1.075142722083 of a penance tick.

Thus with just the raid buff you can get the equvalent of 3+1.075142722083+0.734397537059*3 = 6.28 penance ticks (6.72 with the glyph) in 7.62s.

With the extra 10% haste you can get 7.01 (7.60 with the glyph) penance ticks in 8.26s

so without the glyph the benefit is (using the non rounded-up value for higher accuracy) 1.030428143662

With the glyph the benefit is 1.043517897985

Not a great return.

A full sequence includes a sequence without HF one third of the time. In that case 10% haste has a full return of 10% since you can fit exactly 4 smites into the 7s penance CD.

So 2/3*4.4+1/3*10 = 6.27% benefit from 10% extra haste. It is not looking so good for pure DPS, like it was with the 10s CD.

However haste has better than 100% return (11% without the glyph and 12.5% with the glyph) if you use PWS before your penance-HF-smitex4 sequence. Since you can fit 1 extra smite without losing any time at all. Basically means for DPS you will have a massive advantage if you take reflective shield and 9% haste from gear, since you will get 1 extra smite and the damage from the reflective shield in.

So haste is still better than crit for pure DPS but it will require a rather different playstyle, but haste ends up having more than 100% return due to borrowed time and PWS.

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