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Posted 10 March 2013 - 07:04 AM

Post: [MoP] Protection Warrior
User: zork
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Original Post:

Has anyone tried avoidance tanking in heroics and can share any experience?

I tried it for some weeks, but I'm only able to do normal modes 10man (16/16). (Currently respecced to sta/mastery)

Avoidance tanking:
Avoidance trinkets (including STR trinkets for parry conversion), Avoidance gems, SBar only. As few mastery as possible. No stamina gem/trinkets.

I did not manage to go 7.5/15 hit/exp but I managed to get 7.5/7.4 which is not optimal but was sufficient. Avoidance landed at around 11% dodge, 23% parry unbuffed in 492 gear. Since I had no avoidance trinkets I used an exp/str and a str/str trinket.

I really liked how it felt. Of course I used the lowest SBar available to smooth out damage intake.

What I really dislike of Shield Block is the situational usage, the very high rage cost and that you actually need to stack mastery to make it viable. Of course the higher the mastery the more benefitial the critical block rewards will be.

Many heroic raid tanks seem to just go all out on stamina gems/trinkets while capping hit/exp and only reforging for mastery. So damage taken does not seem to be a problem at all.

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