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Infraction for Splank: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.

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Posted 11 March 2013 - 06:19 PM

Post: [WW] 5.2 -Enter the Fist
User: Splank
Infraction: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.
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No actually we do not allow any sort of venting here. This forum is strictly dedicated to theroycrafting.

Original Post:

I used to rank on my rogue alot back in the wrath days, and then healed for cata. But when the monk dropped I had to give it a go, and went dps after healing on it proved to just not be much fun. lol The issue I'm having now is, our server like many others is not doing well in relation to wrath days. Our once strong 25 is now doing 10s after trying to get to 25 ever since cata dropped. So I try out for a new guild this week, knowing what my dps should be ahead of time, and low and behold, it's really low. So visit EJ and find my timing was perfect on a big nerf. I have 3 nice new shiny 522s, and my dps is still lower than it was a week ago. All the discussion here seems to be around eeking out a minor amount of dps, which when compared to the nerf is pretty insignificant.

Many people posting here are in high end guilds, but our server just doesn't have anything of that sort, so this all feels like the discussion between balancing for pve in light of pvp balance. They are balancing our class because the top .01% of monks are scaling too far, so the rest of us are taking it in the pills. The thought of going back to my rogue so I can get a slot in a better raid makes me want to quit altogether since the monk is so much more fun to play (and rogue is really boring outside of pvp). So my choices are - go Rogue so I can carry people in current team, go Rogue so I can get on a new team, stay monk and watch this content run away just like the last, or quit the game. Am I miss-reading my situation? And no, server xfer is out of the question since I'm NOT spending a ton of money to move my toons over. The purpose of leveling several toons and profs is so I can USE them. Making gold with them isn't worth the time this xpac, so all my hard work equals keeping the team together. Spending upwards of 200$ to move the team is ridiculous (is there a spreadsheet showing the correlation between money spent on WoW extras, and the number of divorces amongst WoW players? I'm staying off that one!). Blizzard has me so trapped, I only see one reasonable way out.

Another item - I'm curious how many people are really making good use of the clones. I was excited to see us get a cleave, and not have the wars thumb their noses at me anymore, but the system seems really clunky and not much of a gain. It isn't pressing a button and having something just start working, but instead choosing targets and all that instead of dpsing. How are you all using it? (I didn't see much in the way of an answer when it was asked previously)

Thanks for letting me vent... :P

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