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Infraction for Roketsu86: Multiple violations.

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Posted 13 March 2013 - 07:02 PM

Post: Rogue Simple Questions: Mists Edition
User: Roketsu86
Infraction: Multiple violations.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Your first response violates rule 10. Report bad posts instead of replying to them.

Your second response violates rule 6. Your answer doesn't give any real reasoning or analysis other than your gut instinct. We don't make decisions based on feelings, but on math. (Also, you didn't thoroughly read the question. The poster wants to macro all his abilities to his focus target. Whether that's advisable or not I can't say, but it does preclude your concern about multiple combo point targets.)

Original Post:

I'm getting harped on to push more into mastery and haste, but I'm jut not seeing where I can do it without obliterating the exp cap. As it is, my gear is already hit-heavy, but I'm reforged out of all of it that I can. The only changes I see I can make are in the gems, which, if I do that, will take away agility from the socket matching bonuses.

Your gear seems fine, reforges and gems are fine. You can stick with exp cap if you want or change it over to mastery and haste, either way works just fine for assassination. Really I'd say the only thing you can do is look into changing your playing on that particular fight, which I can't help with.

Since Mutilate is lacking some real cleave I was thinking about doing the following:

Writing focus macros for all my damaging ability's to attack the focus target, while my auto attacks will still hit the main target.

With this I should double my DP damage. Switching between focus and non focus styles would be no problem, since I'd just bind it to different action bars and switch between them with num lock keys (owning a naga). With this it should also be easier to maintain 2 Ruptures 100% during the fight.

My question is: Am I missing out on some major points? Could maintaining 2 Ruptures result in DPS loss instead of gain?

Maintaining multiple ruptures is actually more optimal, as you receive more energy regen that way. However, I'm skeptical of your focus macros idea, in that you would be building CP on a target other than your primary, and a) any CP attack aimed at your primary would erase your work on your focus target and B) you'd have to keep track of the CP building there which is just one more step. You would most likely get the best results by playing similarly to the AOE phase of Wind Lord and just building a rupture on one target with a combo of mutilate and FoK, then switching to a new target and building there and switching again.

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