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Infraction for Soulhatcher: Multiple violations.

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Posted 14 March 2013 - 11:44 AM

Post: ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria
User: Soulhatcher
Infraction: Multiple violations.
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Original Post:

I would like to share with my fellow rogues my insight and thoughts about the new 5.2 trinkets, and gearing in general for that matter. I see all these Best In Slot lists with the Vicious talisman and Renetaki's with inflated damage value, but are you really gaining that amount of damage? From my point of view, no. Your gear is a collection of stats that interact with each other, each contributing to a combined stats pool. Your computer doesn't care which piece has which stats, it just adds them all up and changes how the character behaves in combat. Irregardless of how big you make your pool, ideally only 5100 will ever be in the form of hit and expertise. The rest will be from a mix of haste, crit, and mastery affected by gear selection, gemming, reforging, and enchants. To really maximize damage, care should be taken to choose gear that maximizes the most important of these three stats in conjunction with agility. Right now I have 2583 hit, 2553 expertise, 8168 haste, 4497 mastery, and 2204 crit, for a combined pool of 20005 points as a combat rogue, and currently use a 493 Infinite Stars and 484 Relic of Xuen. The first trinket I will replace will be the relic. The Vicious talisman, Renetaki's, and Bad Juju are the first three that most will likely come across and have a secondary stats contribution of 1467. To my current gear that would make my pool 21467. 40% can be forged to haste. For the talisman and Renetaki's, the rest of those stats will most likely be forged to a combination of mastery, crit, or worse white hit. Using the trinkets with hit/expertise simply changes the damage contribution among different pieces of gear. The bad juju avoids this problem with a mastery base and will free up additional reforges to hone your stats. The only question that remains among these three is which has the best proc. The Vicious Talisman seems to gives the best burst per proc and will give consistent dps, Bad Juju has the potential with no internal cooldown to chain proc during a fight, Renetaki's will just give a consistent damage boost across fight. Personally I'm going with Bad Juju. If you can manage the reforges, the talisman will probably deliver slightly more damage. Being forced to use sub-optimal gear or reforging to compensate from the hit overload will just as likely mitigate any advantage received from it. The second trinket for me as combat is a no-brainer, the Talisman of Bloodlust. During Cataclysm Prestor's Talisman, Matrix Restabilizer, The Hungerer, and Starcatcher Compass all ranked in the top two slots for their respective tier. It will be no different for Talisman of Bloodlust in my opinion, although further testing may prove me wrong. With so much of my gear focused on haste already, the Rune of Reorigination proc seems very weak. It seems more suited to hunters with their double bonus to crit than anything. For mutilate, Bad Juju is obvious first slot. After that, I don't know. Probably would try to fit the Vicious Talisman in first.

The same logic can be extended to gear selection as well. By going for as many pieces as possible with haste, you will reduce the stats contribution to mastery and crit, and minimize chance you have to forge to white hit. However avoid pieces with blue gems slots when possible, as these stats again will effectively become nothing more than mastery or crit. Since its still not viable to avoid socket bonuses, the only pieces with blue sockets I will be choosing are for tier. By choosing pieces with yellow and red sockets, you then can use Shadowcraft to balance your agility and haste to maximize dps. I'm avoiding multiple armor pieces with haste and the skullreaver off Council for this reason, plus its better in the hands of my fellow orc rogue and enhance shaman anyways. Here's the stat combinations I look for the most. Doesn't matter which spec, haste/mastery with no blue sockets is your best friend. It's damage contribution will always be neutral or reforged up. The more of these I can get while still hitting my caps, the merrier I am. Next is haste + expertise,hit, or crit(last choice). Mastery + hit/expertise is also solid as either stat can be forged to haste. The two combinations I avoid like the plague are crit/mastery, and hit/expertise. The former because they are the two lowest stats. The latter because it is the combination that can never can be forged up, and will often result in overshooting caps or having to settle for unreforged crit on other pieces. The valor chest piece Roofstalker Shadowwrap with two blue sockets? Absolute garbage.

This strategy is just as useful for mutilate rogues, although obviously haste and mastery priorities are switched. Even other classes trying to maximize damage may benefit by reading this.

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