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Infraction for Plopeuh: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.

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Posted 14 March 2013 - 01:00 PM

Post: [Balance] Mists of Pandaria 5.1, Guide and Discussion [5.2 updates]
User: Plopeuh
Infraction: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.
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Administrative Note:

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Questions like these belong in the Simple Q&A thread, not a theorycrafting thread. And even so, we require you to do some amount of research on your own first. The first post of this thread has most of the information you could ever need. If a specific situation comes up where the information in that post is insufficient it is your job to try various strategies on your own, and only come here asking for help if you are still stuck. In that case we would expect you to describe what you tried and what the shortcomings of your methods were.

Original Post:

Hi, sorry for my bad spelling, i’am not a native english speaker.

I have some issue with Moonkin AOE dps, and I would to know how you manage to do it :
- 3 target ?
- More ?
I try many solution but no one can barely compete with aoe spam from other caster, and seem really hard as opposite to chaman one spam button. It’s just completely mad to dot everything and doing less than other caster with complexity to maintain all of that with poor result.

The question refer to :
- Challenge mode, where I seem to be really low dps
- New raid encounter where lots of add spawn (horridon / tortos / jinkun <= didn’t go further for now)

Second question : what stats to reach for doing Challenge mode ? Haste ? crit ? I couldn’t find any post on this subject.
Any advice to help doing it for a moonkin ?

Thanks a lot

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