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Infraction for alfehdy: Multiple violations.

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Posted 15 March 2013 - 05:24 PM

Post: ShadowCraft for Mists of Pandaria
User: alfehdy
Infraction: Multiple violations.
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Rule 6: The class has changed. The gear has changed, including set bonuses and trinkets. The fights are different. Of course the stat weights have changed.

Rule 7: "I can't figure out how to use the spread sheet" is a more basic question than the general discussion that goes on in this thread.

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Original Post:

hello guyz

i am using the shadow craft spreadsheet and i cant find how many dps i can get from 2 or 4 set bonus from tier 14 or 15
i dont know if i removed an item from set bonus to replace with 522 ilvl that i will have + dps or - dps due to this !

also i find its strange that stat weight are different from last patch 5.1
am assignation and i get now that haste stat is 1.1 while mastery is 1.099 !!!!

please help me to understand

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