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Posted 15 March 2013 - 11:21 PM

Post: Mists of Pandaria: All Specs
User: Bladekeep
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Original Post:

H Lei shens order 2/2 upgraded was better than normal primordius until the reccent RPPM change. :)

However, that all changed yesterday. It appears that upon initial analysis of the RPPM changes, and some simcraft crunching with the latest SVN, that H Fabled Feathers of Jin'ku will be the new BIS trinket, with N Fabled Feathers being #2 and H gaze #3.

I posted about this on the wow forums, and just because I don't want to spam up the place, I'll just put a link and the important parts

Fury of Pandaria: PvE Fury in MoP - Forums - World of Warcraft
^ Just some math behind the new RPPM mechanics, as well as analysis of how it affects us. My math seems to backup how it was implemented into simcraft.

1. The new RPPM system will effectively guarantee that your RPPM trinket will proc every single time at the start of combat on a boss. This is huge for warriors due to our initial burst.

2. This system will NOT completely eliminate bad rng on trinket procs AFTER the start, you could still very well get screwed and wait very long times for your trinket to proc.

3. The changes will not take affect until 1.5*AverageProcInterval. So your trinket that procs every 90 seconds on average won't get any "RNG" assistance until 135 seconds have passed.

4. This buffs trinkets with lower RPPMs more than higher RPPMs. The guaranteed proc at the start is a huge part of it, as the trinkets with lower RPPMs tend to have very significant procs to make up for the lower uptime.

Fury of Pandaria: PvE Fury in MoP - Forums - World of Warcraft
^ Results from simcraft, using BIS SMF profile. I haven't run any numbers on TG, but I can't imagine it would be drastically different.

New BIS Trinkets:
1: H Fabled Feathers of Ji-kun (1.5K above #3)
2: N Fabled Feathers of Ji-kun (0.2k Above #3)
2: H Gaze of the Twins
3: H Primordius's rage (Within 100 dps of Gaze, close enough that character crit chance may determine which is better, due to Gaze RPPM being based on Crit.)
4: N Gaze of the Twins
5: N Primordius's Rage
6: H Spark of Zandalar
7: H Lei Shen's Final Orders 2/2
8: LFR Fabled Feathers of Ji-kun
9: N Spark of Zandalar
10: H Lei Shen's Final Orders 0/2 (And 1/2)

Hm. Interesting, but also sucky. I just picked up a Thunderforged Primordius last night and used lots of DKP. :( I'll keep an eye out here and on wow forums to see how things truly turn out. If anyone does an updated simcraft with these numbers and such can you post it here please?

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