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Infraction for Razielz: Multiple violations.

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Posted 20 March 2013 - 06:38 PM

Post: Unholy DPS 5.2 | Thunderstruck
User: Razielz
Infraction: Multiple violations.
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Rule 7: This isn't a help desk, it's a theory discussion forum. We don't do personalized gear advice, sorry.

Rule 9: You don't need to include your armory link in your posts, we can see who you are in your profile to the left.

Original Post:

Hey this day i running the new version of Simcraft and wanna know the stat weigths and my simcraft tell me:
Crit > Haste ~= Mastery with
Crit : 1.88
Haste : 1.67
Mastery : 1.65

can someone check it pls or tell me why ?

(run it with my DK : Razielz @ Blackmoore - Community - World of Warcraft )

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