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Posted 26 March 2013 - 09:15 PM

Post: Warlock Simple Questions Thread: Mists Edition
User: Blue.Jay
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have you tried to put all and i mean all your stat into haste and using observer? with around 500ilvl im able to be first or second dps in my raid

I am fully into haste, I use simulations, to check the weights and the reforge plots for haste and mastery just to check if I do see any realistic impact on my dps, I also also switch grimoire talents to see if any is better(didn't' see much of a difference, maybe didn't' try it for long enough). So I ended up all in haste to see how it goes, but I still don't see myself at the top or near it at all. So with your 500ish gear, which is around my level too, you find yourself topping something like, 140-150k on Jin'rokh the breaker and 160k-180k on Horridon? cause that's what I see some other classes around my ilvl do.
I mentioned those jut as examples first things that came into my mind, horridon maybe a bad example, I know in some fights like horridon, I am never gonna have the advantage, 130-140 seems to be the average bracket.,even if I go full throttle and start clicking and going at it like crazy, by my calculations I would only end up at the end of 140k, ( a bit rng might take it up or down a bit) but that's around the most I would see myself at this point after taking most if not all the chances I am given and using them in a somewhat decent manner. In destro of course you could go more than that without even trying, thinking or paying attention to details as much, which is fine. Some specs are better at some fights than others.

But what I am noticing is that not in a fight or two, I just seem to be having a harder time overall in afflic for results that are not as satisfying.

Maybe it's just me becoming sloppy without even knowing it then, if everyone seems to be fine XD

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