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[H][US-Mal'Ganis] Stars and Stripes

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Posted 03 April 2013 - 07:48 PM

Guild Master's Battle Tag: Karmageddon#1623

Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 1930-2300 CST/Server

For our present 10 man raiding line up we ask that you have a 500 item level. If you don't have the preferred item level, you're still welcome to join us as you're working on such goal.

We're recruiting the following classes to begin raiding with us:


Holy Paladin


Our primary goal is to work as a team; if you're in it for "your" loot or simply don't understand that wipes occur; especially during progression, then it's advisable to not waste our time as we're wanting other goal oriented and team players.

Raiders are expected to be enchanted, gemmed, reforged, and in appropiate raiding gear and are expected to be online 15 minutes prior to raid time for the possibility of a last minute change. Have your own flasks, potions and the best buff food you're able to provide yourself; banquets will be provided for those slacking.

We thank you for your time and patience in reading this post. If a topic needs further explanation, feel free to contact me in game via my Battle Tag posted at the top of the page.

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