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Infraction for Laurinha: 1. All posters are to make an effort to communicate clearly.

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Posted 10 April 2013 - 01:59 PM

Post: MoP Fire Mage Compendium 5.1 - Pyros'R'Us
User: Laurinha
Infraction: 1. All posters are to make an effort to communicate clearly.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Your post is sort of mechanically correct (though I'm not sure you completely understand how rolling ignites work.) But even though you apologized for your English (we do not insist that people for whom English is not their first language have perfect grammar), this is really awful. Please use paragraphs (these exist in Portuguese too), don't use lazy abbreviations like "sux", and for the love of all that is good and right, don't use addled smilies like ^^ instead of punctuation. In fact, don't use them at all.

If you wish to repost this without those absurdly unnecessary flaws, please feel free and I will bump this down to a warning. But as a rule of thumb, if you'd get flunked for writing like that in 5th grade in your native tongue, you'll get infracted for it here too.

Original Post:

Agree with Doroteasenjk, experience is everything!
Addons like BigIgnite, CombustionHelper, Firebunny (i use this) help you to know the ignite damage.
But a high combution come from a chain of pyroblasts ended with you popup combustion on the highest pyro critical.
When you get that time, you can make a combustion really high.
In média, i get 60/70k combustion on burst cooldowns (with altertime) and 30/40k on normal situations.
But when i get luck, already get a 110k combustion with 3 insanity criticals ^^ i am 516ilvl with a sux weapon yet^^

Memorize your highest critical value, and when you get that critical ou something near in a chain pyro, pop combustion!

Sorry for crap english, just trying to share something if i can, tks ^^

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