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Posted 12 April 2013 - 10:16 PM

Post: Blood Tanking - Actively Mitigating since before it was cool
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Ronark when I dps I regemm str and I do deal respectable numbers in regards to dps, I knew I was messing up the rune regen formula somewhere when I compared my answer to what the char sheet said in game but I figured I was close enough.

I also only put crit up there cause it seems to always be on gear but I know it doesn't help with tankin. I also think that the dmg taken in the last 5 secs counts regardless if you used a deathstrike or not, whatever dmg happened in the last 5 secs seems to be counted because my blood shield (I removed any SoB procs for this) is using the dmg taken in the last 5 secs twice if I DS back to back. Unless this is a bug I think its intended, and why BT works well for a mini cd type DS.

Like I said before I am usually a dps and a back up tank with no tank gears, I just looked into it some more because healers were telling me that for some reason even though im in dps gears that my hp bar wasn't radically going up and down (this is what I meant by spiky) like the prot pally and other dk tank we have. I can solo tank tortos on norm 25 or 10 and our other tanks couldn't do that.

Otou, my guild wants to take it slow for some reason and this week was second week on lei shen but our peeps cant stack and they didn't want to try heroics so I can't say I tested any of this on heroic.

Also on norm megaera we dont kill frost and I know frost has the lowest melee dps out of the 3 but at the very end it was gibbing our other tanks, and when I tanked it (I was using BT) I pretty much never went below 80% with only 600k~ hp at the time. I do take more dmg according to the logs but I also maintain a decent amount of absorbs. I found the spell dmg wasn't that big of a deal and I would soak IBF (I had 1.5min IBF for megaera) first breath, Bones and VB second, and AMS the third.

Also yes I did top dmg meters as well lol.

I also don't mindless DS spam, I do wait a sec or so if I didn't take no dmg or sometimes ill wait a sec to see if I can get another SoB proc.

I only bring any of this dps tanking up because it worked for us on norm and as a dps I want to stay a dps but noticed that heals were telling me and I notice as well that I am simply holding arrgo better and my hp bar is was not jumping erratically.

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