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Posted 13 April 2013 - 08:59 PM

Post: [MoP] Beastmastery 5.2
User: Brioche
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Original Post:

You should rerun the sims with the optimal setups for latency and player skill. Setting it to anything but the max performance option destroys the sim's purpose(even when it has the option for it). I mean, in a real raid environment, if you are performing at say 85-90% of your max theoretical dps, threres still a lot of room for personal improvement, and such things as edgy as stat priorities wont make any difrerence until you are pushing your dps really close (higher than 95% ) to your theoretical maximun dps. In the end, really good hunters will match and even surpass it.

I used these settings because a lot peoples say that when you run a SimC with low lag and player skill set at ELITE, haste tend to be better then anything because of the reaction time/perfect rotation of the SimC which is really hard to achieve in a raid situation.
By setting (lag = medium) / (player skill = good), my objective was to obtain some more reasonable statistic.

But since you asked:
after reforging into haste > crit > mastery with lag=medium, player skill=good, that was the result :
Agi (5.23), Wdps (4.37), Exp(3.88), Hit (3.42), Haste (2.14), AP (1.92), Crit (1.87), Mast (1.75)

with exactly the same build/reforge, setting the lag at low and player skill at elite it gave me this:
Agi (5.26), Wdps (4.30), Exp(3.99), Hit (3.51), Haste (2.22), AP (1.94), Crit (1.86), Mast (1.76)

see how it only affect haste? so yeah, better you get with the priority list/rotation the better you gonna benefit from haste

In respond to Nooska:
to really understand how Rune of Re-Origination work we would have to make a couple more test such as:
1. Reforging into haste to see what happens when crit/mastery got converted into haste and how it affect the synergy of the stat weight
2. Reforging into crit to see what happens when haste/mastery got converted into Crit and how it affect the synergy of the stat weight
3. Reforging into mastery to see what happens when crit/haste got converted into mastery and how it affect the synergy of the stat weight
Unfortunately i dont have a rune of origination to check this out.

Let me explain what the stats really do:
Mastery tend to be really good on a short period of time because of the way it impact on our burst, let me explain :
this is how i open a fight : (pre-potion) SS, KC, GT, DB, CS, [Stampede, BW, KC, AMoC, RF, AS (until KC up), KC, Readiness, KC] ...
both of your trinket have to be UP for [...] portion.
so if you stack mastery , you would end increasing about everything in that portion of time by 10%-15%.
other then that mastery only affect stampede, AMoC, KC, DB, pet damage which isnt really good
When i was using the ( Agi>hit==exp (to cap)>>mastery>~crit>>haste ) stat priority i was ending with HUGE burst then my dps was going down for the rest of the fight

Crit is certainly a good stat but some people misunderstand how it affect dps
so i have (with buff / flask / food buff) 28.66% of crits and with my scope, trinkets it can go up to 50%
so yeah crits is really a good stat but the question is how 1% more crit affect dps, lets say you have ~ 33% crits, so crits is really a huge part of your dps, then you had 1% more so you are at 34%, so you had 1/3 chance to crits and after that you got 1/3+1% chance of crits.
I see crits as : you certainly need a huge amount of crits because crits is good but i think there is a certain ''diminishing return'' on it : adding 5% of crits will certainly show a difference but adding 1 % not so much.
The SimC can surely show a difference between 33% and 34% but in my mind 33% = 1/3 ~ 34%.

Haste, well haste increase everything you do:
- increase focus regen
- Reduce the Global CD corrected ty nooska
- Reduce the casting time of cobra shot
- by reducing GCD and cobra shot casting time you will have much more easy time with the priority list
- increase the white dmg of you(which is ~12% of your total dmg done), your main pet (which is ~15% of your total dmg done), your dire beast pet (which is ~6% of your total dmg done) and each of your stampede pet(which is ~ 0.07% for each pet so 2.8% of your total dmg done)
- GftT proc more often -> pet do more basic attack -> more invigoration(+20 focus to you) / frenzy -> more Up time of Focus fire (which give 30 focus to you/pet and 30% haste to you) -> GftT proc more often ... cycle.
-1 of the big problem about hunter dps right now is that 33% of the fight time we are casting cobra shot which only result in ~6% of the total dmg done.
- by doing so you will end up by casting less cobra shot ( which have ~20k dps per execute ) and casting more arcane shot (which have ~50k dps per execute)
- also haste increase the proc rate of all the rppm trinket

id recommend going either crit=haste >mastery or haste > crit > mastery

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