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Infraction for Klipse: Multiple violations.

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Posted 15 April 2013 - 10:54 AM

Post: Assassination from the Mists
User: Klipse
Infraction: Multiple violations.
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Rule 1: Don't use chat-speak abbreviations like "ofc." Always capitalize the first person pronoun "I," no matter where in a sentence you use it.

Rule 2: You don't need to end your post with thanks as in a personal letter.

Rule 7: This isn't a help desk, and we don't do personalized gear advice. You can answer this sort of question for yourself with the Shadowcraft tool. In particular, if you don't have the time to test of dig further for the answer, why should anyone else take the time to answer your hand holding request? Your time isn't more valuable than the time of other visitors to this site.

Original Post:

Hey guys, i was hoping you guys would know the answer to this and i didnt have to do any testing or dig further for the answer. I currently have a Spiritsever LFR (2/2) equipped as my OH wep, (ilvl 491) with legendary gem and all that ofc. Anyone know at what point that should be replaced by something from this tier? It says on the first page of this thread that Heroic Spiritsever (2/2) is BIS OH til (H)TF Fyn's Flickering Dagger, so it seems to me that maybe the normal versions of Spiritsever and even LFR upgrades might stick around for awhile. Just looking for like an approximate ilvl or raid level of gear (i.e. Heroic, Regular TF, 522, ect.)

Thanks in advance. :)

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