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Posted 16 April 2013 - 06:28 PM

Post: Unholy DPS 5.2 | Thunderstruck
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Some stat values:
Unholy T15H is 535 ilevel, with 4 set t15, and legendary meta
Unholy T15N is 522 ilevel, with 4 set t15, and a normal meta
Unholy patchwerk (Single target, no lag, no movement, no AMS, perfect player skill):
Posted Image

You can clearly see that, for the patchwerk values, in 535 gear, 2x haste and 2x crit are both higher than str. In 522 gear, 2x haste is still higher, but 2x crit isn't. If you go back to naxx, and fight patchwerk, and want to be perfect, you should gem 320 haste in yellow, and 80 str 160 haste in red. However, there has not been a patchwerk fight since patchwerk.

Unholy AMS Soaking (Single target, no lag, no movement, 200k ams soak once per minute, perfect player skill):
Posted Image

AMS is present on nearly every single fight this tier, and last tier, and every tier. Magic damage is abundant on most fights, and every dk worth his salt uses AMS to soak up free runic, which increases damage, and changes stat weights. AMS clearly drops the value of haste way, way down, because str and mastery make the free DCs hit harder, and crit makes them do extra damage, but haste makes you lose more resources while AMS soaking. In 535 gear, 2x crit beats str, but 2x haste doesn't come close, and haste is actually lower than mastery and crit. And in 522 gear, and lower, STR reigns supreme.

Unholy Average Skill (Single target, no lag, no movement, no AMS, average player skill):
Posted Image

In all honesty, the average skill of a dk is, well, average. Even the best of the best can make mistakes, press the wrong button, not react perfectly to a proc, and while you are dealing with numerous fight mechanics, you will make mistakes. And many of us are not the best of the best, and make many more mistakes. It's important to take this into account when dealing with stat weights. These don't change stat weights much, everything is a little lower, but they do lower haste in 522 gear the most of all, illustrating it's tricky value.

Unholy Cleave (3 targets, no lag, no movement, no AMS, perfect player skill):
Posted Image
Cleave is commonplace as well in many fights, and needs to be looked at. This is the single target rotation, just with three targets instead of one. Note how haste drops, yet again, well below crit in 535 gear, and is tied with crit in 522 gear. In this example, 2x haste does beat str gemming, but 2x crit beats 2x haste in 535, and in 522, str is well above 2x anything.

Unholy AE (8 targets, no lag, no movement, no AMS, perfect player skill):
Posted Image
Straight up AE is also found very often in raids, and this profile used 8 targets that lasted the whole fight, as well as an AE rotation, blood boil spamming, and disease spreading.
Note how high mastery is, how high crit is, and how low haste is relative to them.

The point being that, in general, strength is more reliable than haste, and stays better in more situations, which is why I suggest gemming for strength.

So are you saying that realistically in a raid setting, UH DKs should be gemming and reforging into crit instead of haste? And considering there's alot of AoEing in this tier, wouldn't crit be something better to invest in? My gear is only at 510 but I'm still simming similar results where crit is simming higher than haste. I'm still currently reforging and gemming for haste where I can, but from what you've said, is this still optimal? And are the single target stat weights for festerblighting or traditional UH?

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