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Warning for tioz: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.

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Posted 20 April 2013 - 07:13 AM

Post: Shaman: Simple Questions thread, a rule-7-free zone (Mists edition)
User: tioz
Infraction: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.
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Message to User:

This post is not appropriate for the simple QA as you are asking for general help rather than a question that can't be answered from the OP.

Original Post:

Hi guys,

so I'm playing a druid for years now, mostly healing. I was progress-raiding ww200 some time, but now I'm only a casual raider. We raid with 1x disc-priest (ofc topping) and 2x resto-druids. We miss buffs during raid, mainly bloodlust & mastery (currently both provided by our BM-hunter, who could provide melee-haste instead). And we disenchant mail-equip at the moment. And we also could need some more nice cooldowns (thinking of capacitor, grounding, stormlash, bloodlust, spiritlink, etc).

Druid: Treenicillin @ Sylvanas - Community - World of Warcraft (currently unfortunately in 2nd spec, in resto I have ilvl507, 3050 haste and reforged the rest to mastery with ~9.5k spirit atm)
Shaman: Treenatu @ Sylvanas - Community - World of Warcraft
Logs: World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis

Specific logs (ToT 1-2): Dashboard - 10-04 19:01 - TreesLogs - World of Logs
Specific logs (ToT 3-6): Dashboard - 11-04 18:09 - TreesLogs - World of Logs (looks broken, dunno y, the nhc kills are good tho)

I read a lot of guides (tho I'm not sure yet about reforging, I go for 45+ mastery and massive crit with the 2017 haste point in general). And I also don't expect to beat our disc-priest. My main problem is one thing respectively question to the shaman community: As a druid I have no problem to top people off. I have reju on some and can swiftmend, I can use my instant healing touch every minute, got new mushrooms and my regrowth (healing surge) is pretty fast and heals a lot (and any combination of those). As a shaman I have no problem with missing mobility, but with emergency heals, as I can see no other possibility to quickly provide heals than plain healing surge.

Therefore I have the following questions:
- do you see major mistakes in my logs?
- is it okay as a shaman to have low numbers but therefore provide usability? In fact I really lost my respect to our disc-priest, cse he's only after numbers, but e.g. aoe stun for bats @tortos is somethin pretty nice (or e.g. regularly interrupting sul), but healing done @council e.g. was really low :-(

Any hints/tips are appreciated :-)

Kind regards,
Chris aka Tree

PS: also have a lot more mana-issues as I'm used to use every global cd for a heal... tho I usually play with LB-glyph and dispell HST/Fire Ele right before they expire

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