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Posted 29 April 2013 - 01:21 PM

Post: 5.2 Disc Priest Discussion
User: urumii
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Haste is your top throughput stat, but it requires more spirit to maintain. So in general the gain from just crit or just mastery will outweigh the gain of Haste+Spirit. Current information says that crit and mastery should be balanced up until you hit 20%. Then for every 1% crit you get, you want 2% mastery. This chart was taken from Havok on MMO-Champion, and illustrated the crit/mastery balance I mentioned.

crit                         Mastery		
0.195269321		0.208
0.205436921		0.228
0.215514874		0.248
0.225506222		0.268
0.23541387		0.288
0.245240597		0.308
0.254989059		0.328
0.264661797		0.348
0.274261242		0.368
0.283789725		0.388

I have only slightly better gear than you (505ilvl), and I am significantly higher than you on Primordius, and consistently rank top 5-10 on most fights. I heal with a far better geared paladin as well, and he never beats me, so it's not a matter of gear.

Comparing our logs on Primordius I see several things that stick out. First is that you didn't use Spirit Shell or Prayer of Mending at all. There are several lower damage parts of the encounter that you can use to stack Spirit Shell and apply a PoM on someone. I'll discuss further about Spirit Shell below. You also use a lot of Penance casts on players. Penance is your top atonement healing, and you're wasting 34% of it to overhealing on that pull. Penance will heal for more if used as a damaging ability, and it's a smart heal so overhealing will be reduced.

I would also highly recomment getting Solace & Insanity instead of Mindbender. In every fight this tier, Solace will provide more mana than Mindbender. Mindbender is good for Heroic Horridon, but that's because of the certain mechanic it has.

Regarding your thoughts on Spirit shell, you seem to be misinformed (either that, or I'm misinformed). During constant AoE periods, some people will be higher than other people. Your PoH will almost certainly overheal a couple people per cast. Spirit Shell ensures that none of the bubble is wasted to overhealing. Ideally you want to cast it before the big AoE damage comes out, but in most cases it is still better to use than PoH during constant ticking AoE damage like on Primordius. Spirit Shell also benefits from Archangel, so you should macro Archangel and Spirit Shell together. There is plenty of time on Primordius to park yourself in such a way that you can stop and cast for several seconds without getting hit by the purple pools and staying in range of the 25yard boss aoe thing.

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