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Infraction for Tochi: Ban request, general idiocy, inability to form simple sentences, the usual.

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Posted 02 May 2013 - 06:15 PM

Post: [Cataclysm] Warrior: Simple Questions/Simple Answers
User: Tochi
Infraction: Ban request, general idiocy, inability to form simple sentences, the usual.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

If we had a nickel for every time someone posted a bunch of terrible, useless, borderline moronic posts, then crowed about how we were missing out on their future contributions, we could buy a really swank expensive shop-vac to slurp up all the drool they left behind.

Sorry you never got to make your thread. I'm sure it was going to be awesome.

Original Post:

I was going to post something useful here, but after getting warned for posting a legitimate response I've realized you really do live up to the name Elitist Jerks. So, I'm sorry, but elitist jerks is going to miss out on this one. If you want new and fast information I recommend mmo-champion. If you have something useful to post you can actually get the post up before moderators rapidly stroke their own epeen. Seriously? 10 responses before you can post a thread... And you make even that hard to do. I mean seriously. If you have enough moderators to check EVERY response someone makes, why not just let people post threads immediately and check those.... Then again that just further proves you love stroking that epeen. But I guess that's also why half your threads are outdated. Anyway, if you want a dependable safeguard banner macro, I just developed one, but I guess you'll have to search somewhere else for it. Also, if it happens to appear here in the late future, I hope you'll have the respect to give credit to the OP.... ME. Thanks! And die in a fire. (ingame of course)

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