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Posted 25 May 2013 - 09:39 AM

Post: Resto Shaman WoL Analysis (Ask and you may receive)
User: Kruazir
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I have been tweaking and reforging and done everything in my power trying to improve my healing output, yet after looking at logs im still only around 60 k hps, this is really starting to anoy me, i should be around 70 - 80 k with my gear, I have maximised my uptime of healing stream and and combined unleash elements and healing rain but still i feel like im falling behind. if any have any suggestions to tweaks etc please let me know see my char here

http://eu.battle.net.../en/character/A ... zir/simple

and logs

Dashboard - 20-05 21:17 - Deeprun Pest Control - World of Logs

Dashboard - 16-05 20:59 - Deeprun Pest Control - World of Logs

only thing I can get from logs is that I must likely need to keep riptide up more on at least 4 targets incl tanks. which will keep my tidal waves up. does this makes sense.

I could try to record a raid seen from my view if needed.

hope for some hints.


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