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READ FIRST: Known Issues in 6.0.13 (Updated 01/27/15)

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Posted 05 June 2013 - 06:29 PM

DBM Core

  • DBM can't always accurately skip cinematics for you if you are on any of the timeless isle visions of time quests. This is because blizzards CINEMATIC_START api lacks movieIDs to properly tell quest scene from annoying raid scenes you've seen 100x
  • DBM may skip second cinematic in Auchindoun even if it's first time reaching that point. This is because there is no distinction in CINEMATIC_START event on movieID within api to allow us to know one movie from another within the SAME zone, so dbm thinks the second movie is same as first movie and skips it.
  • If no DBM-Core profile exists, dbm will not save any settings for DBM-Core (window positions, special warning colors, fonts, etc). Creating a new profile will resolve this. (r12545)
  • A regression in zone filtering may cause false combat start with bosses you are no where near (such as brackenspore in garrison) when syncs are sent from other group members. (r12583)


  • Buff Fades timer and countdown yells of Gaze of abyss are 5 seconds off on Margok encounter. (r12580)
  • Range frame may close when transition ends on Margok encounter, even if mages are still up and have fixates out. (r12574)
  • Gaze of abyss stacks will announce twice to player on margok encounter. This is not intended. (r12567)
  • Players who have branded debuff may not see Mark of Chaos radar if they are too close to tank (r12567)
  • Branded NOT on player is prioritized over replicating nova wave. This is wrong. Replicating nova should be >. (r12567)
  • Brackenspore breath warning may twice. (r12575)

Blackrock Foundry:

  • Some timers/warnings may be off do to changes between beta testing and live.


  • Rukhmar has no timers.

5 man dungeons:

  • None

Brawlers Guild:

  • Blat auto marking may keep applying and unapplying (r12553)

World Events:

  • None

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Posted 05 June 2013 - 06:30 PM

See Release notes for issues fixed in latest release:

If there is a revision next to the bug, it means it's already fixed in DBM alpha versions higher then that revision.

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Posted 27 December 2014 - 03:14 AM

Common Issues that are not bugs:

  • Hearing "you will die" every time you enter combat or drop below 60% health. This is caused by fighting while AFK flag is on you while using the AFK sound alerts setting. This is now off by default for new users but older users may have to disable this setting in their DBM options if they do not want it. Alternatively, just clear AFK flag when you return.
  • Getting constant "A new time based event has been created" alerts from DBM. This is caused by the optional plugin DBM-RaidLeadTools bidbot feature. Disable the DKP/bid module within raid tools, or disable/remove raid tools entirely if you do not actually need the features from this plugin.
  • You may get lua errors if old content mods are not up to date.

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