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READ FIRST: Known Issues in 6.0.8 (Updated 12/19/14)

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Posted 05 June 2013 - 06:29 PM

DBM Core

  • DBM can't always accurately skip cinematics for you if you are on any of the timeless isle visions of time quests. This is because blizzards CINEMATIC api lacks movieIDs to properly tell quest scene from annoying raid scenes you've seen 100x
  • DBM may skip second cinematic in Auchindoun even if it's first time reaching that point. This is because there is no distinction in PLAY_MOVIE event on movieID within api to allow us to know one movie from another within the SAME zone, so dbm thinks the second movie is same as first movie and skips it.
  • Mods may fail to load or function properly even when they are showing "enabled". http://forums.elitis...g-at-all-in-hm/
  • Guild alerts for people not in run still give wrong difficulty text. (r11985)


  • Some berserk timers are missing because they weren't yet known at time of 6.0.8 release.
  • Lua error at DBM-Core.lua:5685 that occurs if Branded jumps too many times on margok. (r11989)
  • Sweeper timer is wrong on kargath. It's been increased since beta. (r11992)
  • Tectus mote icon setting still doesn't work. (r12056)
  • Brackenspore Berserk timer is missing. (r12000)
  • Timers are slightly slow on mythic for Twin Ogron (they gain energy even faster than herioc) (r12004)
  • Twin Ogron timers are probably too fast on LFR. Unable to verify until next wing opens.
  • Bounding cleave timer update on frenzy does not work correctly (r12074)
  • Margok yells/warnings trigger too early for Branded: Fortification (r12073)
  • Berserk Rush ended may falsely fire on Bladefist (r12062)
  • Icons do not work correctly on Margok branded: Replication (r12073)
  • Koragh mod is spammy in LFR (r12056)
  • Fixate warning may not fire if applied to same person twice in a row (r12049)
  • Arcane volatility warning may not fire if applied to same person twice in a row (r12049)
  • Other stuff I don't really remember anymore.

Blackrock Foundry:

  • Some timers/warnings may be off do to changes between beta testing and live.


  • Drov Has no timers (r11992)
  • Rukhmar has no timers.
  • World bosses may report invalid wipes if someone releases and takes longer than 10 seconds to run back during the fight. Then, mod will turn around and report invalid pulls as well. (r11982)
  • Target scanning on Drov is wrong and always gives highest threat. Colossal Slam can't give target. (r11992)

5 man dungeons:

  • The Bloodmaul Slag Mine trash warnings can be spammy since they announce trash warnings from gauntlet from far away when they aren't even engaged. (r11981)
  • Bunch of other fixes I don't remember.

Brawlers Guild:

  • None

World Events:

  • None

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Posted 05 June 2013 - 06:30 PM

See Release notes for issues fixed in latest release:

If there is a revision next to the bug, it means it's already fixed in DBM alpha versions higher then that revision.

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