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Warning for Rakshas: Correct answer to a different question

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Posted 07 June 2013 - 05:58 PM

Post: [Mists of Pandaria] Mage Simple Questions and Answers (Read the First Post)
User: Rakshas
Infraction: Correct answer to a different question
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Message to User:

Your information is correct. But he was asking about the number of targets at which it's a DPS increase to switch from single-target spells to AoE spells, not about the AoE target cap mechanic.

Original Post:

In 5.3 the damage of Arcane Explosion has been increased by 40%. Does anyone know what the number-of-targets threshold for this spell over single target is now?

From 5.2.0 patch notes

Area Damage Cap: The area damage cap is now 20 targets (was 10). This means area of effect damage spells now reach their maximum damage when striking 20 targets. If more than 20 targets are struck, then the total damage done is spread evenly over the actual number of targets present.

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